Danfoss needed a control and compliance solution, that enabled an easy rollout of internal controls. Flexibility, efficiency and easy implementation at a global scale was essential for the project to succeed.

With the Danfoss Internal Control Project, Danfoss has committed to rollout a set of best practice controls across Danfoss sites worldwide. The internal controls are within areas such as Finance, Payroll, Fixed Assets, and Inventory. The internal controls count both global standardized controls as well as customized controls.

The project was challenged by many of the classic dilemmas when introducing internal controls in a global organization: There was a need for centralization and yet a wish to support and acknowledge a decentralized and diverse organization structure. Furthermore, there was a need for user involvement and acceptance of the project to succeed. However, on the other hand the project aimed to leave as small a footprint as possible on the organization and involved employees – preferably no user training as one example. Lastly, Danfoss sought to introduce a control framework that would adapt to an ever-changing business.

With Impero, Danfoss rolled out various controls to entities in the US and Canada in the fall of 2015 acting as a pilot. This roll out showed that Impero’s solution provided an easy way of streamlining the process of internal controls.  With proof of concept, Danfoss later rolled out controls to entities in countries such as India, Thailand, China and Mexico. The roll out to new countries has proven to be very little time consuming, as the end users do not need any prior knowledge of Impero; all it takes is access to a mailbox and a browser. The solution is fully supported by mobile devices, which has made it even easier for Danfoss to perform controls. This also reduces the time spent on internal controls and thus optimizes workflows. Using Impero, Danfoss has centralized their internal controls and created compliance.

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